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What is IS A COLLECTION OF ON-CHAIN GENERATED Hypotrochoid (inner) / Epitrochoid (outer) NFTS ON THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN. Metadata and random mint is also on-chain and unhackable. The rarity is based on the 7 colours of the rainbow (red 50%, orange 25%, yellow 12.5%, etc). There are rewards for combining and burning Inner and Outer ones up to 1.92╬×TH for the rarest (combos can be burned for a reward and to claim a free mint in any later generations and rewards double and treble from the 3rd and 5th generations respectively). Instantly tradeable on Opensea and higher generation combos will usually produce higher value progeny when burned - doubling the chance of a rare mint with 2nd generation combos (up to 16x for 5th gen combos). There are six generations with supply almost halving each time as the previous generations are burned. The final generation having only 254 NFTs (as an exception, rewards are instant for combining the 6th gen and they are not burned or given free mints).

[1st Gen. is 20 rounds, 2nd is 12 rounds, 3rd is 8 rounds, 4th is 4 rounds, 5th is 2 rounds & 6th Gen. has one final round]



AMOUNT MINTED: - out of - each round


IMPORTANT NOTE about our new NFTs: We want our collections to maintain value so have revolutionized the format by ensuring that the NFT contract will buy back certain NFTs at a fixed price (in this case by buying back and burning combos to lower supply and increase the price while at the same time minting a new NFT free to replace it). If you believe only normal NFTs are permitted in your jurisdiction, you can treat it as a normal NFT since they will maintain a similar value on the open market too (i.e. you should be able to sell for the same price to others as if you were selling to the smart contract). We are also the first to have an unhackable random mint on-chain with no oracle. So that the randomness can't be exploited, the actual minting is one purchaser behind (your mint transaction will mint the previous purchaser's NFTs). If you don't want to wait for your NFTs, simply send a zero mint transaction straight afterwards. To combine inner/outer ones from the same generation, simply transfer the NFTs one at a time to the smart contract and you will receive the combo version. To claim the reward and mint a free one in a later generation, again simply send the combo to the smart contract and then perform a zero mint transaction (or one will be added to the mint amount). As supply reduces, value increases as do the combo rewards. Void where prohibited.

Set outer circle size
Set inner circle size
Set pen position
Set duration of one circuit